About 4D Studios

4D Studios LLC is centrally located in the Tampa Bay area. St. Petersburg to Tampa, Bradenton to Wesley Chapel, Orlando, Ft Myers and Ocala, we can help you get moving in the right direction. We are constantly documenting everything we do! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see our current projects and perhaps some behind the scenes footage!

Acting & Modeling

Practice makes perfect right? But what is practice without an effective coach? 4D Studios offers a variety of programs and classes for apsiring actors, models and performers to help learn, grow and hone their skills in the craft.

Production & Design

4D Studios primary expertise is in production and design. From headshots to commericals to marketing packages, 4D Studios has the experience and skills to create and promote the professional message you need.

Events & Rentals

4D Studios' space is very versatile and can accomodate all kinds of events and productions. From film festivals to fashion shows, casting calls, and auditions, 4D can host your event in a convenient space with the neccesary accomodations.

Meet Our Team

These are the folks that make it happen day in and day out!

Alex Buffalo


Jim Reiman

Dir. Production & Design

C.J. Alvaro

Talent Director

Contact US!

How can 4D Studios LLC help you?

Tell us what's on your mind. Whether you’re an actor, model, business owner, artist, production company, photographer, or corporation, 4D Studios LLC is here to tell your professional story. It all begins with that creative spark, the vision that you have for your enterprise or career. 4D Studios LLC will help that vision become a reality. You can email us via info@4dstudiosllc.com or phone CJ via 813-873-9440

**Your privacy is important to us, all information submitted to 4D Studios LLC will remain confidential between 4D Studios LLC and the client. No information will be resold or used for promotional purposes unless otherwise released by the client.